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Someday I felt a need of a blog with all the details regarding Best places to visit in Bangalore. So I decided to do this job of providing the updated information about the famous places in Karnataka.Thus, in short this blog is all about the important information in context of a weekend trip to Best places to visit in Bangalore. What you should carry, what kind of clothes you should put on and other kind of stuff.

I will tell you my reasons why i started this blog and why i thought this blog will be helpful to others:
1. To eradicate the confusion regarding the place to visit as per distance.
2. To reduce the confusion regarding the road trip. At least regarding  the distance , food and clothes.
3. To tell you the mode to travel via and food you can get on the way. If you are going to get any food on the way at all. 
4. To let you know all the nearby locations near to the tourist place you are going at so that you don’t miss anything.
5. If any tourist place is any traditional value then to make you aware about that.
6. To help you in every aspect of your journey. You get everything at one page here on this blog.

These are the major reasons for me to start this blog. I want to help people as much as i can. I can not meet everyone personally but i can help them through this blog for sure.



I really hope this blog will help you out regarding the famous places in Karnataka and the trip to those Best places to visit in Bangalore.



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