When someone asks me why do i travel so much?
My answer to that question is that i want to be aware everyday of my life. I want to make it to 85 and be new everyday. I don’t want to have regrets in my life about anyplace i have not traveled. I want to have stories for my grand children.
My question to you is ” What is your reason to travel around ? “
Please comment and let me know your reason to travel  

Best Places To Visit Near Bangalore This Weekend

“Humans evolved to fly and to do bigger things.If they contain themselves then what’s the difference between Humans and monoliths”

– Mohit Verma

I can give you multiple scientifically proven excuses to travel very often, which are as follows:

There are different reasons for traveling. which are as follows:
1. Psychological
2. Neurological
3. Leisure Activity
4. Monetizing the hobby of traveling 

1. Psychological reason:  There are different reasons why psychologically you get benefited by traveling. I won’t explain                      everything here as i am no expert in that but you will get everything about psychological benefits of traveling from this page                itself. 
2. Medicinal Facts about Traveling: There are different things traveling does to your brain. These things you can read on this              link. https://www.buzzfeed.com/anniedaly/travel-makes-you-a-better-person
3. Leisure Activity: Under this category you visit with your family and friends just for enjoyment. Monetization is not the                          motive here.
4. Monetizing the hobby of traveling: Under this category either you are a travel blogger or you are an international                              journalist , who has to travel across the planet earth. How to monetize your traveling hobby ?  
    So to get mesmerized and have an excuse to travel, please visit 



One of the Best weekend getaways from Bangalore
Antargange trek

Only 65 KM away from the Bangalore. But Anthargange is one is Best places to visit near Bangalore for trekking with your gang. Though the trek is just 3 km long, yet the angle at which you have to trek is going to test your limits. Thus, you have to be mentally ready for the trek.

One of the waterfalls near Bangalore

Shivanasamudaram Waterfalls

Though Approximately 150 KM away from Bangalore based on your location, yet this place damn is a beautiful and is called Shivasamudaram,which is easily one of the Best Nearby Places in Bangalore

Things needed to have while a Road Trip to the Best places in Bangalore.

Explore The Best Places near Bangalore and be mesmerized in the best way possible with the exclusive information shared here.

“Karnataka has got beaches and it has got mountain outside
  It has got Planetarium and it has got musical fountain inside
  It has got cold places to visit near Bangalore
  And it has got hot as well
  It has places with number of lakes
  But it has got places with ancient wells
  It has got a modern techie putting up in city
  And it has beautiful villages to where a simple farmer dwells.”

Few colors out of a rainbow

The pics on right of this column are just an excerpt of the Best Places to visit in Bangalore, but there is a lot more to come your way.Thus, Please visit the Travelnama to get the full information about Best Places to visit nearby Bangalore
A focused tiger
River rafting near Bangalore
Bike Trip to the Nearby Places
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